Redundancy and Fit for work

OK just a rant to get it off my chest in case anyone has any advice.

I was diagnosed November 2017:

Asymmetrical Parkinsonian syndrome, clinical diagnosis of Idiopathic Parkinson Disease.
Conclusion - have an symmetrical onset of gradually progressive extrapyramidal syndrome, secondary to idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease. Early onset of Postural Hypotension.

Now over two years later things have progressed to :

Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease complicated by postural hypotension and presyncope, progressive cognitive impairment, increasing paranoia and fatigue.
Meds are Sinemex (2) taken 3 times a day (Fludrocortisone 1 day) Sinemex reduces blood pressure which is why I take Fludrocortisone, but the jury’s out as to whether is has any effect.

Beginning of year advised by consultant not to drive, informed DVLA. This meant getting up earlier to catch train and taxi to get to work and same on way back, costing me more to get to work and with added anxiety to boot. At same time as initial lockdown for virus I was informed that company was going to make me (and another member of staff) redundant. And following short consultation period was officially made redundant on 6/4/2020.

I am 65 and will be eligible for government pension in February 2021.

My PD and postural hypotension are developing and I recently had an incident where I passed out (but wasn’t aware of anything happening) and spent a day in A&E with no conclusion apart from possibly linked to postural hypotention.

At work I was aware of not being on the ball, as well as a short term memory problem, however I could do my job although I felt that it would not be too long before I screwed up or admitted my shortcomings and would have had to cease work. However this was not necessary as redundancy took precedence.

I have Critical Illness Insurance but have a feeling this may not be paid as I am now out of work due to redundancy. The question is how incapacitated do you have to be to be able to say you are unable to work and claim under insurance policy?
And does that mean, unable to do any work, i.e. although I might be unable to do the work I used to do (Systems Support) but could possibly shelf stack, although the way my DP has developed I have become weaker so would possibly not have the strength, but you know what I mean.

And, with the problems I have I would have to tell any potential new employer that I had Parkinson’s which, along with my tremors and age isn’t going to help me too much in securing a job. I might add that my tremors do create a problem with typing and mouse control as you can imaging.

Comments invited.


Hi Robin, I honestly think this is one for the helpline. There are all sorts of factors to think about that are going to require a bit of knowledge to consider such as: had you requested reasonable adjustments from your employer prior to your redundancy? Have your company followed any guidelines that they have in terms of implementing redundancies? Have your company followed any legal/national guidelines in terms of implementing redundancies? Have you explored benefits that you may be able to apply for?
Unfortunately, I’m not being much help but I do think you need informed advice on this to help you look at your individual position and any benefits that you can apply for so I would start with the helpline - and then also consider looking at information on Disability Rights UK and ACAS if you feel that your company have not followed due process or have taken your health into consideration when making the decision to make you redundant at this time.
I do hope you managed to get some support.


Jackson has pointed you in the right direction for employment advice. An additional factor could be the amount of long term sick pay from your employer may actually be similar in total to any redundancy pay.

Have you explored PIP and ESA as you can claim both before you reach your state retirement age in Feb 2021 not simply 65 as some believe. PIP could also continue beyond Feb 2021 if you are awarded it.