Has anyone found reflexology helpful. Am tempted to try, thinking even if it doesn't help physically it will be relaxing. Oh sceptical, worried it's throwing the pennies away. 

It will probably relax you, quite nice to have your feet and toes manipulated. That's all An Aromatherapy session would do the same. Instead you could try yoga , ideally specially adapted for PD. Breathing exercises and relaxation combined with the odd stretch and balance exercise will  (at least I found it so) have a wider impact.

Thankyou Kate

Will think on it. Maybe I just want a bit of papering. Havebeen feeling a bit low.confused

Hi porthos

im trying a reflexology session too on tues. a friend recommended it and said it was relaxing. Will let you know!

Thanks Lexi. smile

Hi Porthos and all....I studied Reflexology and found it beneficial for all sorts of problems. It is very theraputic and whenever i used to treat my Husband or friends i would play relaxation music, burn oils and work in a warm peaceful room, which all helps. Most folk would drop off to sleep within 10 minutes ! even the sceptics who said "it won't work on me, but you can give it a go " had a change of opinion afterwards.  My GP is a qualified Accupuncturist and i find the needles work so well in releasing the tight muscles in my back, neck and shoulders due to the Parky, also it relaxes me .....loverly! certainly worth a try, either or both.

All the best to you

Dolly x

Hi Porthos

Well, I can only agree with Dolly and say it was sooooooo relaxing!  I would Definately have it again.  

Sue x

Thaks Sue

Have found a nice place. It sounds exactly what I need! Your feedback has convinced mebig grin

Thanks Dolly

Your advice on acupuncture  has me thinking Have bad shoulder that physio not working for. My drs surgery has a link to an acupuncture practitioner. I will ask about


Perhaps you could let me know how the acupuncture goes. Hope you enjoy the reflexology. I like it as she did a good pressure and although firm it was relaxing too. Good luck! Oh, Indian head massage is good too.


Perhaps a combined "attack" would help a lot - reflexology, yoga, tai-chi, acupressure/acupuncture, PEMF, vitamins/supplements, diet, etc.

Tai-chi can manage an illness to the extent that people can become symptom-free of serious illness, eg, TB.

The more stuff you do means more pennies, though.

Xi gong is very good too, and Howard Shifke supposedly became PD symptom-free by using xi gong.

His videos are freely available on youtube.

Even if you only get the reflexology, if you do it long-term, I am sure you will derive some improvement.

In any case, Porthos, enjoy the reflexology.

Hi everyone.

Have hit a slight snag with reflexology. My epilepsy is not controlled at Mo and it seems to make people nervous about giving me an appointment. I was a bit surprised as I didn't know this could be an issue. Maybe I've just asked at the wrong places. I still intend to speak to a dr about acupuncture though.


Hi porthos

i didn't know that. Maybe it can trigger off the epilepsy. I'm sure you will find something suitable. Good luck and let me know how it goes.


Hmm, that's fairly heartbreaking, Porthos.

I didn't know this either, and I don't know if the fears are unfounded.

However, it is known that one shouldn't apply acupressure to where the neck meets the cranium, because it can induce an epileptic fit.

Whether that is similar for acupuncture, I don't know.

Ask around more, maybe you can find somebody that will perform reflexology on you.

This is only a guess, but I think that acupuncture could be of great benefit to control both the epilepsy

and PD.

Best of luck, Porthos, keep at it!

Porthos, maybe these sites have useful info re eplilepsy and reflexology:,Seizures/?a=s



Newbie on here, so 'hello'.

I've tried acupuncture, reflexology and reiki as alternative treatments since I was diagnosed in 2005. They all have helped to a degree but none seem to help long term, with one exception. When I was diagnosed I had a tremor in my left thumb and in my left leg (when seated)! I had two acupuncture sessions and the leg tremors stopped, never to return. The thumb tremors also stopped on a day to day basis but can return in particularly stressful situations!


Thankyou everyone 

The liks were interesting kaihoukan .

Physio ha referreme to pain clinic and i a coule ofweeks will see my movent disorder dr for the next step my drs sugery has changed appointment system an I cant work out how to get appto discuss accupunture at mo. I wan to goto the clinic assocated swith the drs surgery becausI feel I can trust that one.

Am al in a muddle in my mind atmo. 

Typicle isn it, you decide to take a bit of control and end up realkyconfused! Still things are movng forard, little stps ☺







Porthos, there is that old quote (Tibetan? Chinese?), it's something like:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

My friend often says that her head is "filled with fog", and sometimes she says it's in her body, too.

I don't know if that is the PD or the meds or both, but it is a real problem for her.


Anyway, you have the right attitude, determining to improve your situation, stick at it, Porthos.

Maybe try getting some magnetic coils and use PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields) therapy.

You can get a 10Hz mp3 (and instructions) from

You need to buy a pair of magnetic coils for about $25, and you plug them into an mp3 player (or computer or laptop).

The 10Hz mp3 must be added to the mp3 player (or computer or laptop) and set to loop (or repeat ).

I've tried this for minor ailments, and it seems to work.

Oh, and Xi Gong/Chi Gong is a really good thing to do also.

Ganbatte! (Japanese: Keep at it!/Stick at it!/Do your best!)


I personally believe in positive outcomes of undergoing acupuncture treatment or/and similar


im not sure if you still use the forum but was interested in your comment about acupuncture assisting with the tremor. Could you provide any further info?