I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and advised the DVLA and my insurer as a legal requirement. The DVLA responded by revoking my license even though i had completed all the medical questions confirming that no Parkinson condition affected my driving. I plan to appeal their decision.

Has anyone experience of the appeals process that would be helpful?

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I can’t help you here but I have just started the same process. After a recent diagnosis I informed the DVLA and yesterday I got a letter saying that they were writing to my neurologist and any decision would be delayed until they got a reply.

Could it be that it was your neurologist that made the decision as I can’t see how the DVLA could decide on their own.

Hi Isman
I know from experience that having to go through this every 3 years,. did they send you forms asking for the names and address’s of your GP the neurologist that diagnosed you and your parkinsons nurse, the DVLA will contact one or more of these before making a final decision whether or not to revoke your license, they cannot and will not just take your word for it.I have just renewed mine for the 4th time, you could write to your neurologist and ask for s copy of the report that was sent to the DVLA and the same with your Dr. I have just recently gone through the process for the 4th time, and so know what you are going through. George