Regular YOPD Zoom Meetup

Our last meetup went so well we decided to make it a regular thing. We chatted about when is the right time to tell people of your diagnosis and keeping active amongst other things.

Everyone welcome!!

YOPD Zoom Meetup
Thursday 15th April


Looking forward to being part of this again :grinning:

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sounds like a great idea, how would i join up?

How do you get the zoom link to join?

Excellent, I will forward the link to everyone later today.

Hi Sungrover
Could I have the link too pls. I have dm you too. Well I think I did.


Good to meet you, have a great bank holiday weekend :slight_smile:

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Great to meet you guys too! Sorry for late reply I’ve just spotted email. I hope that you had a great Bank Holiday too. I think I was playing catch up with everything :thinking:. (As usual). Hope you have a good day

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Hey there, would be great to see you at the meetup this evening. Sorry I left it last minute. Remind me to get your mobile number so we can add you to the WhatsApp group if you’re interested. Let me know if you have any issues.

Good Morning,

Are these meetings still happening? If they are I would love to join.

Hi Stuart, welcome to the forum, I will drop a message to Sungover and Pcyc see where they are at with arranging something, it has been a while since we all caught up, watch this space, take care


Just diagnosed with a datscan in September at age 44. Would really appreciate joining this to share experience. I feel very alone and scared…

Another Zoom meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Thu 2 March 8pm. Message me or @AnaElsa on this site for the link. All YOPD welcome!

We (try to) meet every first Thursday at 8pm via Zoom.

Next meeting Thu 3 August 8pm, message me for the link.

All YOPD welcome!


Any chance i could get the link, it sounds like something that would help me get out of my own head.


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I have sent it to you by private message, cheers!

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