I was diagnosed with PD in 2004 at the ripe old age of 43. Now I am due to stop work on medical grounds and so have lots of time to pass, constructively, I hope.

Working life spent in finance , I.T. and gadgetry. I build websites for friends and anyone who asks, as do I answer questions about pc's, not forgetting to unofficially say where NOT to invest money.

I have a website which I wrote during the earlier years of my path through PD. It needs updating but here it is anyway if you have a few minutes to kill and there's nothing on the television.

Copy and paste the link ....
hi prd

i was dx when i was 43 back in 2003, i have now taken ill health retirement, i joined my local support group and am now part of the commitee which fills a lot of time its the best thing i ever did, i dont know when i had time to go to work lol, sue.
Hi prd, nice to have you back. I retired a few years ago on ill health grounds due to my pd and frankly it was the best thing i ever did. Money is obviousley scarcer but quality time with family and friends make up for that. Somedays aare simply not long enough for me to do everything I want to, so good luck on your retirement and welcom back to the forum.