Relentless Discomfort

This subject has probably been covered many times before on the forum. I’m just looking for a new perspective. I would describe it more like discomfort than pain but it is constant and it is very difficult to find any relief. I’m constantly moving from chair to chair standing up walking around but whatever I do discomfort follows. This is also affected my mobility and whereas I used to walk miles, I can barely walk to the end of the street without experiencing pain, it usually starts on my left big toe then spreads to my foot and ankle and the rest of my leg. Lying down sometimes gives some relief but then when I am in bed I can be up several times a night due to pain and discomfort. I take a mixture of rasagiline and madapor. When I first went on madapor, I felt a significant positive difference but after a few months that benefit wore off and even though my dose has been increased a couple of times it doesn’t appear to be working anymore. I am still trying to keep my golf but it is the walking part that scuppers me sometimes. When I first discovered madopar it felt like a miracle cure however, unfortunately it wore off fairly quickly.

Hello Gordo, sorry to hear you’re having such discomfort. It may be others on the forum have some ideas that can help, but it may also be worth getting in touch with your GP or healthcare professional to talk this through. Our helpline, which includes trained nurse advisers, are also around from 9am tomorrow on 0808 800 0303 and would be happy to chat this through with you. best wishes,Lucy - moderation team.

Have you seen a physiotherapist, specifically – a neurological physiotherapist? Also, I wonder if you need an increase in Madopar. Maybe you should see your consultant or Parkinson’s nurse?

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Thank you for your response much appreciated
I take one 6mg ropinirole in the morning and one 2mg in the evening. Three 25/100 co beneldopa during the day and two co beneldopa slow release 25/100 in the evening (recently doubled from one) doesn’t seem to be helping. Don’t know if that seems like a high dose or not.

It is about the same as me. But that’s not relevant because we are all different. Infinite varieties of PD, infinite drug combos.

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Sounds possibly non PD related, and is in fact Sciatica?

Thank you for your response I am now looking into that possibility it could be that I’ve been suffering for two years just assuming that it’s Parkinson’s related thanks for the tip