Relieving the boredom

Hi everyone,

Both of my elderly parents have had PD for several years and are now housebound, with carers calling in four times a day for personal care and to help with medication. Mum enjoys baking with one of the carers although can’t stand up for long, while Dad doesn’t have many interests. and has become very insular since having to give up woodworking. I have bought playing cards and tried to get them to do jigsaw puzzles, but these were met with a less than enthusiastic response! It would also be good for them to have separate interests. Just wondered if anyone has any brilliant ideas of things they could try (they can use a computer a bit). Thank you.

A few suggestions:

I think it’s a case of just keep trying new tasks, little by little. Something will spark the imagination eventually. The brain just needs a little help to re awaken inside. Board games, internet or puzzles, something to get the creative juices flowing. I found variation helps too. Not too many prolonged periods at one thing, eg watching tv or doing nothing. Could try splitting up, eg bit of listening, then some fresh air, bit of t v. Talking, not forgetting little rests and drinks. Dehydration is a pull of energy, however when the Brain is working it can provide an added energy boost too. Keeping healthy if mobility is tough can be an invisible hinder. Slender tones are good for giving muscles a jig about. I use the stomach one, it’s like an exercise whilst limited, good for toilet troubles too.
All in all it’s a case of trying new things, which for a carer can take effort, hard especially if tired already. I think the main thing is having something to focus on, not just Parkinson’s, if I thought of nothing more, I think I’d struggle with life. So I have replaced the thoughts with doing things that help me, not hinder. Things can get better, everyday is different, yet most may think everyday is the same. There are good days and bad, it’s finding coping and stimulation mechanisms to get the most out of every day. Big hug j

Thank you Jules, your thoughts are a big help. Now the better weather is coming, getting outside will also be beneficial I hope. The slender tone sounds a good idea for me as well as my parents!