Remembering Dr Jonny - Picturing Parkinson's

Parkinson's UK have just announced the winner of the Picturing Parkinson's competition. This is a photographic competition for researchers to showcase images derived from their research. The competition is named in memory of Dr Jonathan Stevens who sadly died in December 2013. Jonathan was a scientist, pwp, blogger, research supporter, photographer and a member of this forum under the name 'Dr Jonny'. 

You can read some of the forum tributes to Dr Jonny at

Jonathan's blog can be seen at
And his photography at

More detail of the photographic competition is at

This award which was judged by Jonathan's family is a particularly appropriate way of remembering him

Elegant Fowl

Dr Jonnny was a very eloquent writer who wrote about pd from his own perspective. His posts were often thought provoking and always interesting.

A sad loss to us all.


Good to see he is remembered in this way.  Hard to believe he died over 2 yrs ago.  Such an interesting writer.