Remembering to take my medicine on time

Time sensitive meds are fine when I have my phone handy with its magical infinite number of alarm settings, but what do I do when I go camping? Can anyone give me tips on equipment that will remind me four times a day to take my tablets without needing to have any electricity please? Thanks for your input
Hi. How about a battery operated pill dispenser? Or a cheap digital watch with alarms? I think there may be some on the PUK shop.
See my earlier but recent post on a pillmate. Google pillmate.
Hi all,

You can find the pill timers in the Parkinson's UK shop here: and the thread benji refers to (including links to purchase) here:

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I don't have £60 to spend, but I should manage the lower priced items. Thanks for your help - I am amazed I couldn't find the shop page myself - perhaps it could be better promoted? I'll let you know how I get on on my Scottish island in July - could be the last time I go so I'm determined to make the most of it.:grin:
I have a pill timer app on my phone. Can't ignore it and alarm continues until you turn it off!! Its brilliant x
I couldn't afford those prices either!
If you type digital pillbox with timer into a google box you get loads of choice for less than a fiver including postage!
My husband wouldn't be without his as he takes his tablets x 8 a day.
Good luck!
The sound of a Sea King rescue Helicopter will remind you when you shut down on the summit of Scafell or the NAH NAH NAH NAH of the Ambulance taking you to Hosp
god forbid . by the way have you noticed the Air Ambulance never uses its siren
strange that , buying a multi million pound chopper and leaving out the siren just to save a few quid.
I have found - so far - that there is nothing to replace a goodold fashioned ROUTINE. but then again I seem to have far fewer problems than others
Hi I rely on my moble, but having had PD for almost my whole lifetime my body lets me know when I need my meds!