Remembering to take pills on time

Hello everyone
We are so pleased with this new method of remembering pills that I had to tell you about it. My OH had a reminder, cost £14, and it remembered all the day`s times, but the timings were difficult to set. Added nuisance was that it was at a time when timings were being changed around. He is now very happy with a Parking Timer bought off the internet for less than two pounds including postage. When it beeps he takes the medication and sets the timer for how long `til the next time. He prefers not to have the timer attached to a pill dispenser.
Best wishes to all PwP and their families
Hello Hatknitter,

Perhaps you could have that put in the parkinson mag in the tips section I am sure it could help many people.
best wishes
Great idea :smile:
Hi Hatknitter. I use the alarm function on my mobile phone but your idea is so simple, espacially for people who don't have a mobile.
Sorry to be such a useless thicko but as a non driver what exactly is a parking timer?
Sorry Mosie, Where I live most people need a car or share a car and I forgot that`s not the same everywhere.
A parking timer is a small, 2" x 1" , gadget which can hang on a belt or key ring. The front opens to reveal buttons which set the time. A window shows the time you have set and it counts down like a digital kitchen timer. When it gets to the end of the time it beeps.
In fact my OH is deaf so I wear the timer and dexterity is not a problem for me as it might be for PwP but the timer is so cheap that it is worth getting one and trying it.
Hope it works for you
I also use the alarm on my mobile, but sometimes have to switch it off so its doesnt always help. Where do you get these parking timers?

I have a down-loaded a useful free app on my iphone called RxmindMe.

It allows you to put in details of what to take, when and how much for multiple times during the day.

I've found it really helpful.

Hello Mathsman,

Another great idea please get it in the parkinson mag as well because it not only helps pwp and their families but also if there are paid carer's involved especially for people who live on their own it would be good for them.
best wishes
What a great idea. I have just purchased one from Ebay. I looked under parking reminder and it brought them up. It cost me £3.48 including postage which I think is well worth it. Thank you for letting us know about this.

This is a great tip, hatknitter.

We've passed it along to our resources team who say that they will look to include it in a future issue of the Parkinson.

We also sent it to our helpline team along with the information on the reminder app so that they can share these tips with caller who might need the information.