I just had to stick a note on the back door to remind me to lock it- that could be a bit worrying. Does anyone else have to take such precautions (I forgot to lock the door once last week and again today)? I can’t help wondering if it is a symptom - sign of the early onset of something which I could do without.

Went through a faze early morning when dark. just have to concentrate on one thing at a time Even double check

I am worried about my short term memory. Yesterday I decided I felt well enough to take the dog to the local Dobbies store to get a packet of dog food. I added in some doggie toys and treats, 1000 word puzzle and some bedding plants. I went through the checkout and was about to leave the store when I realised no one had brought me so I couldn’t carry all the stuff I had bought.
I had to take the items home dragging a wheeled basket and dog along. All the flower heads fell off the plants I had bought!!
I also keep taking my tablets but then 1 minute later cannot remember taking them and on more than one occasion have doubled dosed, giving me extremely nasty side effects.

I remember seeing this post and it struck a chord but I didn’t get round to responding at the time

I put a note to myself on the front door to remember to lock the back door when I was going out. But I still forget to check it at night.

Once I locked myself out & my son was at the gym. Had to get a neighbour to phone him. Too easy to get distracted & forget to check you’ve put everything in your bag.

I think of declining brain power as spinning plates – you just can’t keep so maNY GOINg at the same time.

My mum got tips from the dementia people after her diagnosis, She would cross off every day on a calendar so she knew what day it was.

I used to get pretty upset when I turned up at the dental hospital on the wrong day despite my little system. Write appt in diary. Put the appt. letter on top of ‘current’ pile. Put appt on current to do list. It all falls apart if you don’t know what day it is…

I have a little notebook in the kitchen so when I run out of something I write it down there & then & rip out the page when I go to the shops

Feeble memory for jokes but I still remember this one:

Have the heard about the new stannah stairlift ? It gets you upstairs before you forget what you went up for

Perhaps you should use a pill organiser