Remote light turn on/off HUGE HELP!

My son aged 52 years has PD and recently bought light bulbs that can be remotely worked via his mobile phone. It means he can be in bed with his phone beside him and turn his centre or wall light off/on/dimmed without having to get out of bed.He can't turn round to pull the chain on the wall light.

We bought a pack of two of these bulbs at Sainsburys for £60...expensive I know but it will save him from more falls so well worth it. The bulbs have to be synchronised to the phone, so technical knowledge is required and an up to date mobile phone.

By going onto Amazon uk we found one bulb that does this,  costing £12  and sent for it. The attached paper was written in English telling you how to sync but when following the instructions the language changed to Chinese. Amazons helpline found the same so refunded us. I did post a review to this effect.


It would be useful to anyone who has any problem similar from any illness or age, so maybe pass this on ?