Renewal of Blue Badge

 Hi Alethea

I was full of hope as i scrolled down the Page, i saw the Link, I pressed it, it downloaded, and then windows is yet again asking me too Buy office too view the file. I'm no computor geek but i think it says .doc file and if it was pdf or a page of its own i might be able too view it with paying who knows how much??.

I upgraded too windows 10 the other day, doubtless i wont be the only one, cheeky windows. perhaps someone who doesnt have windows 10 could just copy n paste what the link(page text) actually says I'd be grateful lol.



Hi Alethea,

I sent original link to Northants county council.  When I click on link now it come up with whoops message, which presumably NCC will now receive.  Not sure what to do now....feeling a bit silly

Hi Sea Angler,

I'm sorry you're still having trouble viewing the Helpful information for Blue Badge services document. The document is 5 pages long, so it would be awkward to copy-paste into a forum message.

There are Open Source (free, legal and available for anyone to download) alternatives to Microsoft Office - like LibreOffice, for example - that allow you to get all or most of the functions of Word. Have you tried any of these? 

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hi sea angler there is also open office which is completely free and compatible when the file you are downloading is Microsoft word and this is really easy to install.

bb xx


Thanks Moderation and BB

But i don't really want too download 'a Office' when it's asking me too pay for it

 or a 3rd party software

the File is.doc, if it was in 'PDF' version I would simply be able too read it

 lots of other info sheets are in PDF version.

surely this can be converted too PDF???.

This is getting as long winded as applying for a blue badge lol.




Yea I'm having the same trouble, it would be better if it was in Adobe reader, PDF.


Hi All,

It took me just two minutes to convert the document in question  to a  pdf. document using  the free version of Open Office which I happen to have Unfortunately, I haven't been able to copy and paste it into this comments box for anyone else to use. Presumably you can only down load documents from the appropriate  PDUK publications pages   pdf. is  fairly standard these days.  and if this document is not available  in pdf like all the others can someone not take an executive decision and take the time to make it the usual format?

Can we add a link to the pdf?

You have to download the PDF, no need to join dropbox though


The post above is me trying too thank you Kendo lol

thank you very much.

Have just made my first Blue Badge application on basis that I cannot walk and carry anything at same time or push or pull a shopping trolley. So cannot shop alone or use public transport for this and need to be able to park close enough to get assistants to load car for me. Took me ages to do application  (supposed to take 15 mins!)  and may have to attend a mobility assessment as I don't get any benefits. So hope it is successful !  Should know in 10 weeks, meanwhile Amazon et al will continue to benefit as I shop as much as poss online.

You do sound as if you would qualify for benefits of some kind, Supa, to make life easier.

Have you contacted the helpline or a Parkinsons support worker?

if not, do consider it.




Supa you are entitled to PIP Personal independent payment this has replaced DLA and is non income based.

Go on the you gov website.


Thanks BB & GG . I'm too old for PIP,  I was 65 this year, but If I am refused a Blue Badge I will enlist the support of the Parkinsons Support Team in getting the decision reversed. Hope won't be necessary.



I am sure you will qualify for the attendance Allowance for the over 65s, Supa.

It is not means tested and can be used to,pay for whatever makes life easier.

Do speak to the Helpline.



sorry did not realise but agree with GG baffles me why they think someone under 65 needs help and some over 65 does not.

dont get me started on politics BB xx

Hi all,

We  have added a PDF option for the document on the website here.




Hi Ali P,

Did your original submission of the renewal form go through ok? Perhaps you could call Northants County Council to make sure they received your submission?

Best wishes,
Digital Team

Hi Alethea,

firstly, I must thank Kendo for his Dropbox version.  I printed it off, scanned it and emailed the scanned version  to NCC.  I have now received an email from NCC confirming receipt of the document which has been attached to support my application.

many thanks for your support.



Hi Ali P,

That's great!

Best wishes,