Renewal of Blue Badge

I was awarded a blue badge three years ago which is now due for renewal.  I've looked at the renewal form online and it looks like I have to be receiving the mobility element of PIP to qualify.  When I applied for PIP I was awarded the higher level living element but no mobility.  I appealed at the time, but was unsuccessful.  I don't use my blue badge all the time, but there has been times when it's been a godsend.  Surely with a progressive condition such as Parkinson's, they can't take my badge away?  I feel really upset about this, has anyone else experienced similar, or got and ideas.

thank you


hi i applied through my local council and got a blue badge but nothing was asked about PIP so id just ask your local council. another lady in my support group applied 2 mtns ago and also received one wihout being on ppi .

good luck

In addition to these automatic qualification criteria, the County Council is able to apply discretionary criteria.
Applicants may qualify under the discretionary criteria if you have a permanent and substantial disability, which means you are unable to walk, or have very considerable difficulty in walking.


this is what it states on leicestershire council web site

Hi Ali P,

You could also call or email the helpline and speak to one of our benefits adviser's about this - 0808 800 0303 or [email protected]

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Thank you kittens3, I'm using the renewal form on Northants cc website.  I've included a cover letter with details of my Parkinson's nurse.  Just have to see what happens.

Thanks Alethea, I will call them tomorrow.



After emailing PUK benefits service last night, I had an email this morning from Steven Richardson giving me great advice and offering help if needed filling in forms.  Thank you Alethea for you're recommendation, forms are now all sent off.

Hi Ali P,

That's great! You're very welcome.




I looked on suffolk coastal councils page about a blue badge it seems the same there as well, a shame parkinsons isn't listed as one of the conditions, I don't think I go anywhere too need one at present but as time ticks away i'll  prob need one in the future the same as ill prob need Pip, not only for myself but my father as well who had a stroke a couple of months ago.

Could look into and perhaps campaign councils too make it a little easier as a listed condition?. Alethea.

I took the direct approach on my blue badge renewal and made a statement to the effect that when I drive and park I'll normally be in absolutely no need of a blue badge. After all I will have timed my trip and meds to be at their most effective.  However, the meds can and often do wear off while I'm out.  Going Off is not my favourite public activity so I explained that I need my blue badge so I can plan where I park to be as close as possible as my refuge while my meds kick in so I can safely drive home.

I also explained that when I'm the passenger either by choice or due to PD effects on my walking ability and durability, I need a blue badge when we're parking up, but on the other hand, I may be On when we return and drive home, if I and my wife are sure I'm fit to drive

It is the variability of our symptoms that makes PD difficult to explain and even independently assess.

Hi Sea Angler,

I've passed your request on to our Policy Team, someone will get back to you soon.

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Hi Ali

If you or any PwP truly believe that you are entitled to a Blue Badge and have hit a brick wall of bureaucracy or changed procedures and have been refused renewal, I would be inclined to exaggerate my next request.

I know the PC brigade will be baying for my blood but in my opinion we have to use whatever tools we have in the bag to overcome the obstacles this Government are putting in front of us. If fibbing is in their vocabulary, I can't see the problem with us utilising it too!!

Its not in our nature to plead for benefits that we are entitled to but they (the gov) keep moving the goalposts and make it sooooo difficult for a claim to go through.

This is not restricted to the Blue Badge scheme either. Right across the spectrum of benefits, we are been discriminated against and its only going to get worse in the foreseeable future.

Keep at it Ali.......points mean prizes!

Hi Sea Angler,

Thanks very much for your question, we do campaign around Blue Badge accessibility. For example, towards the end of last year we did send to local authorities some guidance on the importance of blue badges to people with Parkinson's, you can find a version of that guidance here (there's a word doc to download under 'Helpful information for Blue Badge services England').

We'll also be writing to the Department for Transport in the coming weeks around the issues people with Parkinson's face in claiming blue badges successfully. It'd be great to hear your story, if you wanted to get in touch? If so, please contact [email protected] 

I agree with Pokermid there is one question that I believe made my application go through without an assessment !! How far can you walk with out pain!! My answer was No where and that is the truth.


Good luck Ali if you need to talk PM me and I will send you my number.




Thank you Phil and Alethea for your efforts.

I don't really have a story about blue badges too tell you, just that i looked that i look at the local council website pages as others have and when i looked under conditions Parkinson didn't seem too be listed making me think although i may need one in the future getting one would be difficult as we dont appear on a list, I may also have too apply for PiP a double edged sword in that it gives the impression we have too apply for something else too the hilt too get what we really need, and as others have pointed out the Gov  & media seems happy too portray us as 'scroungers'.

I have joined the Campaigns network, i filled out a survey on 'ESA' yesterday.

P.S Phil your link doesn't appear too work.

I'm overwhelmed with the support.  Issues have been raised to draw attention to my 'wee blue badge' dilemma which has given me lots to think about.  I've given lots of thought to what I would do without my little friend that goes everywhere with me.  The truth is, as much as I like to push myself to limits proving I am capable independently, in reality.....I need my badge, it gives me confidence to shop, to travel and to be independent,,doing things on my own.  If my application is unsuccessful, I will lose these benefits. Doesn't Parkinson's take enough from us?  Is it really necessary to beg for such a simple benefit.

Thanks so much for joining our campaigns network and taking our ESA survey, that's a massive help to our work.

Apologies the link didn't work, I obviously didn't embed it properly. The link is here.



Hi Phil

When i press that link it goes too download, sure that's not a problem only i have windows 10 now, And erm when i open it, windows being tight, it says i have too 'buy' office too read this word document or a limited free trial.

Sorry to be a pain, but is there another way of Displaying it?.

Hi, thanks Phil, I managed to download fine on my iPad.  I've spoken to NCC who suggested I send them a copy via email to support my application which I've done.  It's a really good document and explains our situation very well.  Thank you.


Hi Sea Angler,

I can look into this more tomorrow for you.


Hi Sea Angler,

We've changed the file type for the Word document on the website - let me know if it still doesn't work for you.

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