Repetative finger flexion test

I discussed this with my consultant as I noticed that if I wake during the night the finger tap test is almost normal however within a few minutes of getting up I am completely incapable of performing this task.

Has anyone else had this strange paradox.
Does anyone have a explanation why
Has any research been done in this area
i recall some posts on feeling 'normal' during the night about 2 years ago.
I did something that said something like 50% of PWP are better in the mornings (whether medicated overnight or not), and 50% are worse, unless they've kept the medication up overnight.

I was interested as I am one of the 50% who wakes up almost normal, but if I don't take levodopa straight away the "normalness" wears off within half an hour.

One theory is that dopamine is regenerated overnight (or at least, we're not taxing our dopamine supply so much while sleeping). Another theory is that it's related to cortisol levels, which in everyone are higher in the mornings. (something to do with cortisol being an anti-inflammatory). I certainly think more research in this area could lead to better understanding of some of the chemical processes at the root of PD.