Repinex side effects

Hi everyone on the forum, I’ve just joined. Diagnosed 3 years ago and on Amantadine, Rasagaline and Sinemet 62.5 4X daily, Half Sinemet in the evening. I’ve been keeping as active as possible and yoga is helping with mobility and strength. Being retired from a demanding full time job 2 years ago has helped with fatigue levels. I’m 65 and female, with a partner who is very supportive. Recently prescribed Repinex XL 2mg but reluctant to start cos of side effects. Anyone got advice?

I was taking it for a while and just changed brands to Requip as it wasn’t doing anything for my symptoms but neither is Requip. On a positive note no side effects apart from a little nausea during the first few days which passed. But as you know everybody is different.
On the subject of Rasagaline it gave me a heart attack, its listed on the leaflet as an uncommon side effect, suffice to say i ditched that one but goes to show everybody reacts differently to medication.

Thanks for the information. I’ve delayed taking the Repinex so far as I am reluctant to add another drug to the daily regime. Feel I ought to give it a try for a few weeks and I have an appointment with PD nurse in a few weeks. Would be good to talk with her about effects -good and bad… Feel that the drug regime is trial and error-increase one, decrease another…