Replacing PD meds with natural products


Hi all

This is a link to my latest vlog, about replacing PD meds with natural products




Interesting vlog, Ian. Because I vape, I tried vaping non THC cannabis (THC is the ingredient that makes you ‘high’). Didn’t have any noticeable effect, so can I ask if you used full fat cannabis? In other words, is THC the magic bullet?


I haven't tried Cannabis as such for my 'Parky'  apart from using Cannabis oil for pain and find it very helpful.  Has anyone tried Ganodema or Reishi mushrooms as an alternative to prescribed meds or in conjunction with?  I would love to hear your comments. 


Hi Island Mike

CBD alone does have an effect, but (for me) whole cannabis has a better effect, so it would appear that I need the THC as well.  I vape whole cannabis.




Thanks Ian, though whole cannabis supplies are not exactly plentiful on the Isle of Mull. Any tips gratefully received (by PM - house ruleswink)


Hi been diagnosed with pd this year at the age of 48
Just been in contact with the Parkinson uk nurse…
and just wanted to say, what a caring and kind person