Requip XL and Evviva Espana

I've just had my latest prescription of 8mg Requip XL and, although the pharmacist has put a label on it in English, the original packaging below is in Spanish. I've checked it all very carefully and it appears to walk like a duck etc., but I was just wondering if anyone else has received the same, and was there in fact any difference.
Asta la vista

I get drugs bound for the overseas market too - looks like they are made in the UK - badged up for Spain and then they either make it over there and are re-imported or dont quite get there and are re-branded with stickers are distributed over here.

Time for some detective work meethinks!!

Hi,I also have just received a new supply made in Spain by GSK and repackaged in Bolton,U.K.
I had some standard Requip that was manufactured in Poland. It worked better than any I've had!!:grin:

this has heppened to me and to my father, especially with GSK meds.

one thing to consider as this happened to me, i was admitted to hospital and took all my meds as requested, the nurse said they could not issue any of my meds packaged in a non english packaging, especially as once out the packet, the blister packs were not relabelled in english, there is an lgal and license issue on this.
From my Drug Baron friend.................
the drugs are known in the pharmacutical trade as PI (parallel imports) - they are cheaper typically in Greece, Spain and Portugal so it is advantageous to re-import at the moment.:rolling_eyes:
I have had a repeat prescription recently of 8 mg Requip XL which has GSK address in Uxbridge on the box and everything in English on the outside of the box but the information leaflet inside (also in English) states that the manufacturer is Glaxo Wellcome in Spain.

Does anyone know if there is any difference in the tablets or am I just imagining that my symptoms are not so well controlled.

I felt my symptoms were deteriorating and then I suddenly found I was waking at 2am with nausea and heartburn and anxiety. It took a few days to realise my latest packet was made in Spain and labelled in Greek. Off to see the pharmacist tomorrow.