Requip XL vs Sinemet



I'm currently taking 8mg requip XL at 6.00 in the morning then from 7 am I tsj 125mg madopar capsule every 3 hrs.I have had pd for 6 yr I am struggling in the evening's and morning's with stiffness sand balance. The neurologist seems reluctant to increase or change my meds because of m age.

I have heard of sinmet and how good it is .so was eindering what people think of it.Do you think i would be better than  the requip..?

Also I only manage 3 hts sleep a night due to my legs not shaking but feeling very heavy feels like my muscles are tensed up,

If anone ha any advice onwhat to do I would be  very grateful 



Hi Beany

I found that I had pd in 2010 my nurse started me on requip xl I am now on 24 mgs a day. When I last saw my nurse I was up and down so she advised me to take sinmet a very low. I started on a low dose of tablet form after a month I felt as though I was walking though a fog, I felt drunk, could not walk in a straight line I was also taking my Requip XL I spoke to my nurse and my GP, my GP told me to leave off the sinmet for a week and see  what happens, I found that I was back to my old self. I see my nurse every six months as my condition is getting worse she still wants me to go on some more meds. So she put me on Madopr caps a very low dose, now I was told by my GP that they are sinmet but in another form, I have now taken Madopr for 2 months one low dose in the morning and they have improved my PD. I am now going to up my dose to one in the morning and one at night, if I feel ill I will go back to one in the morning only. Its hard to stick with it but you have to find what suites you. Sleeping !!!!! Some nights I will get a good nights sleep other nights like you only a few hours. I now if feeling tired I sleep day or night time, I was told not to do this but hey if you get some sleep what's the problem.



Requip, a dopamine agonist,  is a different drug from Madopar and Sinemet. These last two are very similar, both contain the most effective drug treatment of PD, levodopa, and also a second ingredient (for Madopar this is Benzeraside, for Sinemet, this is Carbidopa)  which helps with the most effective way of getting most of the levodopa to your brain.Neurologists seem to have a preference for one over the other,

You do not mention your age? If you are a young Parky you have many years  ahead of you and with increased intake of the drugs side effects are more likely and appear sooner, hence consultant's reluctance to increase dose as taking Madopar at three hour intervals tots up nicely. . There is no maximum dose of levodopa (Madopar ), some can tolerate more than others. I take Sinemet every 2-2,5 hours.

3 hiours sleep is not good. Maybe you should ask for some medication at bedtime and/or during the night. I take Sinemet CR (slow release) during night.  I was diagnosed 17 years ago.

More rest, ie. better nights  could  give you better days.



I take a madopar cr for overnight and a low dose amitriptyline for nerve pain, it is a combination that works for me but, it is just as important too find and get the timing right, too early and i might awake in the early hours, staying up too late just to take a pill to sleep makes it harder to get off too a sound sleep, both body and mind tired and ready for sleep,not the body tired and the mind wide awake.