Research Conference


Is anyone going to the Research Conference in Basingstoke on the 24th.May ?

Hello mike 700

Thanx for the info sadly for me just to far to travel. Will you be going ?

I'll update you after it.


Hi Mike700

It's great to hear that you'll be coming along to the research event in Basingstoke later on this month - please do let us and others know what you think about the day by posting on the forum.

Sorry you can't make it to Basingstoke Posh Bird - but take a look at the research events page on our website as we've got a couple of other events coming up later on this month - one in Oxford and one in Cardiff:

Best wishes

(Research team)
Good day at the Research Conference in Basingstoke today.

Sat next to Bogman all day - he's a pussycat really.

Lots of interesting info.from Dr's Kieran Breen, Elizabeth Hartfield, Nadine Geddes and Emma Stack, which no doubt will be reported offiicially shortly.

If you get an opportunity to attend one of these conferences then I would suggest that you grab it with both hands - very worthwhile.

Thanks to the Freemasons for picking up the bill..