Research conference

would like to say thankyou to puk for putting a great conference on today at park inn hotel in telford,i learnt so much more,even if i had pd for neally twelve years now,i can see pd always has more to contend with.the researchers spoke of many things,but one intresting thing was about the vitamin d.they put on a lovely spread of food,and i met many new friends from other pd groups from different counties.dr kieran breen had so much to speak of,a very dedicated person to puk and the research into to speak with him after his chat,and had a bit of a laugh over lunch.all togeather i will give the day 10 out of 10,thanks agin puk.:smile:
Hi ali j

Thanks so much for posting your feedback - we're so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the day.

There have been 8 events in total up and down the country this week so it's been a busy but hugely enjoyable week for us in the research team.

If any other forum members came along to one of the events, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Best wishes

(Research team)