Research Forum in East Midlands

East Midlands Research Forum

11th October 2014 in Nottingham

on Exercise for Parkinson's: Finding out what really works.

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I went to this forum, as did over 100 other people. It was excellent, well organised,interesting and fun. I wonder how many other people who attended allowed themselves a 'rest day' yesterday but got up this morning determined to take exercise a bit more seriously.   Nin Bajaj, one of the speakers in Nottingham, said that  although prgress is being made, he does not think a cure is imminent.  So, those of us living with Parkinson's today need to do what we can to manage our condition. Other researchers speaking at the event left us in no doubt that exercise really does help. But, of course, it only works if you do. So, off I went to the gym.

I look forward to a report of the Forum in the next E Mids RSN Newsletter, but meanwhile it would be good to hear from anyone else who was there. Also, let's not forget the event was led and organised largely by volunteers. Well done and thank you.


Here is a link to a pic that shows what fun exercise can be!

Caption: The last remaining vestiges of Rangers supporters practice their response to Celtic prior to today's old firm derby.

Well, Leyther, I thought at first that your post was vandalism - but I appreciate the joke!  Others should click on the link!


It's no joke if you support Rangers!!!

As is the current trend, and with the new season upon us I hereby declare this link revitalised.