Research information day - St Helens

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‘Research information day – St Helens’

Our North West regional team is hosting an exciting event in St Helens in November. The event is being supported by the St Helens Parkinson’s UK local group.

Date: Wednesday 20 November
Time: 10.30am – 3pm
Location: Holiday Inn, Newton le Willows

Clare Bale, Research Communications Manager at Parkinson’s UK will provide an overview of the latest research developments towards finding a cure for Parkinson’s.

Dr Penny Foulds, Lancaster University will talk about her work aiming to develop a simple blood test to help doctors diagnose Parkinson’s earlier and track its process.

Members from our Research Support Network
will explain how you can get involved in Parkinson’s research and help you discover more about how to understand studies and search for relevant research.

How to book
Places are free but must be booked in advance by contacting Jill Strickland on [email protected] or 0844 225 2652

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The research team
Hi Hannah

Can we continue this exchange of ideas here so that people who are thinking of going to the St Helens Research Information Day can see it too? (The conversation started at: )

I am delighted by your reply and to know that the Research Team wants to encourage volunteers and research supporters to make their contributions through groups of 'research enthusiasts' as well as through the more established 'opportunities'.

You may well have guessed that I am keen on this idea because I am involved in the RSN group in the East Midlands where this has worked rather well. (There are lot of things we have tried that have not worked so well, but let's concentrate on the positive!) We have been fortunate in having more than half a dozen energetic, talented, self-starting individuals who have gelled to make a creative and dynamic team to promote research in this region. (We also have an incredibly facilitating and hard working Regional Manager amongst our number. We think of ourselves as colleagues working for the same purpose with her contribution going well beyond the necessary but invaluable links to the professional side of the charity.) But I refuse to believe that similar sets of capable and imaginative members cannot be found in other regions!

Since you endorse the encouragement of regional groups as one of several ways of promoting research-focussed activity, may I suggest that you add a few words to the announcement above to state this explicitly? There could be a number of members in the region who would welcome being put in touch with others of a like mind with whom they could begin to collaborate. This would then need to be coupled with a deliberate exercise during the Research Information Day to enable those present who were interested in taking things further to share their contact details and decide on the next steps. That's how we got things going in the East Midlands. (Maybe individuals interested in getting something going along these lines could post a message of support here or contact you direct, especially if they are prevented from to attend the event itself.)

My feeling is that there is a large pool of enthusiasm amongst the members out there who could help our committed but thinly stretched staff to expand the creative possibilities for action.

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Hi Droflet

The steering group in the East Midlands has been very successful and the group are particularly active, working alongside the regional team. Everyone in the research team has been thrilled to follow the progress of the group.

For those who would like to know more about the East Midlands steering group and their work you can read more here –

The agenda for the event taking place in St Helens has in fact been put together by a local group with the help of the regional team but there will be other opportunities to put forward this idea.

We’re really keen to work with the East Midlands Steering Group to help publicise your work and encourage other research enthusiasts across the UK to become more active locally.

We’re very happy to put those interested and based in the same region in touch and support them in the role they’d like to play in regional research through the research support network. For those interested please do contact us either, via the forum or by emailing the research team at [email protected].

We’re currently in the planning stage for 2014 and look forward to working with the East Midlands Steering Group and other research supporters in shaping our work in the coming year.

If you’d like to discuss this further please do contact us at [email protected].

Best wishes,

The research team