Research information day - Stockton

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‘Research information day - Stockton’

Our North Eastern regional team is hosting an exciting event in Stockton next month. Everyone can play an active role in our work towards a cure for Parkinson’s. To find out how, come along to our research information day where we will showcase the many opportunities to get involved.

Date: Saturday 20 July 2013
Time: 10.30am – 4pm
Location: The George Hardwick Foundation, Stockton Carers Centre, Wellington Square Shopping Centre, Stockton.

We are delighted to be joined by some excellent researchers from the region who will present their work including:
Dr Neil Archibald, Consultant Neurologist at South Tees Hospital
Dr Sarah Marrinan, Clinical Research Associate at Newcastle University
Dr Brook Galna, Research Associate

How to book
Places are free but must be booked in advance by contacting the research team at [email protected] or on 0207 963 9352/0207 963 9313.

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Research team
Will this research day be actively encouraging members in this region who are particularly interested in Parkinson's research to form an ongoing group to continue to organise research-oriented activities?
Does anyone know if there many members in the region interested in doing so?
Hi Droflet

Many thanks for your post. This event is primarily a chance for people affected by Parkinson's to hear about some interesting areas of Parkinson’s research and encourage people to get more involved in research in the North East.

At this stage we're not aware of any particular interest in the North East for forming a research group but if any ideas for promoting research in the region do emerge during the course of the day we'd be happy to support those interested.

Best wishes

The research team
Hi Hannah

Thanks for your reply. I wonder, however, whether you have not quite caught my drift. The thing is, I wonder whether you are missing a trick - missing an opportunity to make research promotion more dynamic.

My point is about seeing whether some of the people who turn up to this interesting event might be interested in getting together as an ongoing group to talk about how interest in research might be promoted in the region and maybe even take up the baton and start organising things themselves (liaising with Regional staff, of course). A bit like what local branches do but at a regional level because it is probably not possible to get a 'critical mass' of research enthusiasts together at a branch level.

I notice that there is a similar event at St Helens in November which has the same message. Again it seems to lack the challenge to research enthusiasts: if you are interested in research, how about getting together and working out how research-focussed activity could be expanded in your region?

Research events are few and far between largely, I would say, because regional staff are busy with other important things and the national research team cannot be everywhere all the time. So why not make a point of challenging members to get together to take the initiative! There are likely to be a number of experienced people with relevant backgrounds (medicine, science, teaching at various levels and other complementary disciplines) who could be interested in making a contribution to a member-led, self-organised initiative. Otherwise it tends to look like members are only invited to pick from a limited menu of research opportunities that the charity presents to them from time to time. I am sure that is not what is intended.

Can this approach be put on the agenda? Richard Brown will be including such ideas in his presentation at the Stockton Day.

I hope this is a positive contribution to the ideas pool.

Hi Droflet

Thanks for your post. The research team are keen to encourage our volunteers and research supporters to take up the baton and champion research whether it be within a local group or as a group of ‘research enthusiasts’ through our research support network and alongside regional teams. I know that in some regions this is working particularly well.

It’s great that Richard Brown, will be championing this idea at the Stockton event as well as discussing the various other ways to ‘dip your toe’ into research for those who are new to this area of our work.

If there are others ‘research enthusiasts’ across the UK who are would be interested in getting in touch with those with a similar interest, please do contact us either, via the forum or by emailing the research team at [email protected]. We’re very happy to put those interested and based in the same region in touch and support them in the role they’d like to play in regional research through the research support network.

Best wishes

The research team
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