Research on Parkinson's and personalised budgets

Researchers at the Carers Federation are looking for carers of people with Parkinson’s to take part in a study to find out their views on personal budgets. If you’ve been awarded a personal budget to help pay for their social care costs, you may be eligible to take part.

This research will investigate how carers’ roles, responsibilities and relationships are changing as a result of the new Personalisation Agenda and the introduction of personal budgets to pay for social care.
The researchers hope to identify how best to support carers through this transition and into their new routine.

More information ca be found here:

The study is funded by the Carers Federation

Interested in participating?

This study is looking for 40 carers from across England who are married to or living with a partner with Parkinson’s. The partner with Parkinson’s will be receiving a personal budget to help pay for their social care costs.

The closing date for recruiting participants for this study is December 2011.

If you're interested in taking part, or wish to find out more information or whether you are eligible for the study, please contact the researchers directly:

Dr Emma Richardson, Research Development Worker

Research Forum, Carers Federation,

Nottingham NG7 7LJ

Tel: 0115 9621776

Email: [email protected]

My name is Emma Richardson, and I am a researcher at a Nottingham-based charity, Carers Federation Ltd.

I am looking for carers that are married to, or living with, someone with Parkinson's to take part in a research project - to be eligible, the person with Parkinson's needs to have been awarded a personal budget from their local authority to help pay for social care costs.

You can read more about it above.

I know that the team at Parkinson's UK are really interested in the results of this study, so that they can be informed as how to best support people with Parkinson's and their carers, so if you could take part there are many people who would be very interested to hear what you have to say!

Thank you.
If you feel that you could take part in this research, there's many people who are interested in the results of this study, not just from Carers Federation, but from Parkinson's UK, and from other organisations that support patients and their families with conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease and MS.

If you could spare the time to take part it's a great opportunity to have your voice heard by a wide-ranging audience.
You refer to Carers Foundation Ltd as being a charity.
Is it a limited company or a charity?
Hello Ray of Sunshine, thanks for your question. The quick answer to your query is 'both'

Carers Federation Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, Registered Number: 3123142.

Carers Federation Ltd is also a Registered Charity, number: 1050779

The main reason for a charity to be a company limited by guarantee is to protect the people running the company from personal liability for the company's debts, just as a business may be set up as a company limited by shares for the same reason.

For further explanation please see here: or here
Thanks for the swift reply, Emma, I'll have a browse.

I'm sure you'll understand that we in the Parkinson's community (the chosen ones!) are more than happy to help genuine research, but perhaps less so to contribute towards third party profit.

Hi, Ray of Sunshine.

Yes, I'm sure that you are all willing to help genuine research, and I can confirm that this is genuine research - there is no 'profit' to be made from this activity other than gaining knowledge.