Research; on the hypothesis “Parkinson's disease may start in the gut”


All I can add to this discussion is my own experience of altering my diet.
I became interested in trying a low carb diet on the basis that there is a known correlation between T2 diabetes (which my wife has) and PD (which I was diagnosed with 15 months ago) and also that there have been promising trials using T2 meds on patients with PD.
I started on a ketogenic diet 2 months ago without much expectation of anything much happening. To my surprise I felt muscles loosening after about a week and after about a month I was able to move more freely than for years. Unfortunately there were less pleasant effects - I had been a bit anxious at first and my anxiety worsened and I had several panic attacks and suffered also from palpitations. My suspicion is that I experienced an excess of dopamine (I was still taking Sinimet as well). I am now taking Diazepam (I believe I have low GABA) and virtually no Sinimet for the last 2 weeks. I also broke from the diet. Some slight stiffness (nothing bad) has returned and I am planning to go back on the diet but very, very cautiously (maybe 2 days a week!).
My experience has been that of significant effects of diet (and, yes, it definitely impacted on my gut) but it probably differs from person to person and I would advise anyone to read all the evidence (good and bad) and approach any changes with extreme caution.


Thank you Francis06,

The Test Trial I undertook / am undertaking is not one of changing one’s diet. On the contrary, it was a short course of ‘medicinal plant & extracts’ that appear (through their apparent ‘astringent’ knock on effect) to have altered my disposition completely, in a lasting way.

All the Peripheral nervous system losses (with the exception of an area affected by previous surgery) appear to have been restored to an improved state in being. Example, Smell restored, Mask almost completely gone, Voice more fluid to the extent that I now sound like my son over the phone, Walking and gait almost back to normal, and most importantly, an increased appetite with regular bowel movement (so back to eating a normal diet without too much of a worry).

That said, I am still reliant on a reduced dosage in Levodopa medication and hoping to be able to reduce the dosage still further, all being well; As I continue monitoring the situation and seeking further means to activate and restore the CNS deficits towards eventually balancing synapse in Start Stop neurons.



Well I guess its a matter of whatever works for you. My GP agrees that cutting out all refined carbs can produce benefits for a whole host of illnesses as they can produce an inflammatory response in many people. My neurologist seems keener to just up my dose of Levodopa but I am now down to a single 12.5mg tablet a day and moving as well as I have in the last few years. Smell not restored (although I think it has improved a bit). Reason I started on a ketogenic diet in the first place is because a number of research teams (in UK, US, France, Korea) have trialled Type 2 diabetes meds for PD with some success so it seems obvious to try a diet recommended for that illness (which my wife has).

Best of luck with your ongoing trial