Research; on the hypothesis “Parkinson's disease may start in the gut”

On the hypothesis “Parkinson’s disease may start in the gut.” I have to ask; Could one of the main causes of PD be put down to, the work of Antibiotics altering our microbiology?

A single person test trial, using plant and fruit extracts bearing possibilities or potential in improving the microbio within, the digestive system, airways and cavities; towards alleviating known discomforts and health problems associated with Parkinson’s disease. To read more please click on the following link to view

Oh No ! I read it wrong.

I haven’t had pizza for a month,
I thought it said Parkinsons starts in the hut !

Hi Teehee,

I have never had top marks for spelling & grammar :blush:

I just pray things carry on improving, and something further can be done to benefit all. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for the link. I am already buying the Kefir products, but am now thinking of making my own with the grains.

It seems to make sense, I hope others will give it a try.

Take care

Where did the Kefir idea come from?

And before anyone asks me to name the ingredients as on another CurePd forum.

Some of the ingredients are from plants that are not commonly eaten or generally available at the local store & knowing first hand how desperately complicated neurological illnesses are (having lost my brother to MS and Mum soon after as she had slowly been engulfed and crippled by Motor Neurons disease.) ; I believe it is only right and proper for scientific tests & procedure Stage 2 to take place.
Now finding I’m fighting PD myself; It is OK for me to take a risk! But I dare not encourage others until I know more important specific details. And it is no quick and easy ride like taking a tested painkiller for a headache either
As I told my mother in law who has suffered PD for more years than I ; Simply as the dice is still rolling ! And (as I stated in my research paper) all the significant changes could just be down to specific bacteria within the plants.

Well, it’s good to see that the Archers are well up to date - kefir is the latest thing in the shop there. Have they mentioned PD in connection with it yet? If not they need to be told about it. Can’t remember any of the characters having PD, but there are quite a lot of older people in it so who knows.

Hello Knine,

I have tried many things (including Kefir) over the years, and none have had such a profound or impressive sustained result; and as the improvements appear to continue (with Bocowo B no longer in the diet for the time being) I just hope there is a way ahead to Stage 2…

This year with temperatures dropping to way below -7°C & below -12°C with wind factor, I did not even think once about digging out my thermal underwear. I guess we need a good hot summer now to test the other extreme to see if the internal temperature gauge is truly responding correctly once more.

Further thought

A thought as to; Why our Parkinson’s brain is not making Dopamine?

Dopamine is synthesized in various regions around the body unable to cross the blood brain barrier (keeping it isolated from the Central Nervous system) and there is no doubt a ‘trigger or keys’, that act upon it; Braking and regulating supply and demand, to inhibit and dispose of any overloads in production.

It would only take a little wee virus, to hook up upon those ‘triggering keys’, before carrying them across the blood brain barrier, into the Central Nervous system; especially when the ‘good Microbiology’ in the gut and airways are not wholly up to scratch. And the destruction of the Dopamine system in the brain begins (even after the mechanisms within the brain have effectively eradicated the virus).

Headache & Flu symptoms? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What were the plant/fruit extracts? Or have I missed it? Thanks

Hi Frustrated1,

At present I am not divulging the plants and fruit extract for one very simple reason.

Unlike various food supplements that can be taken on a regular basis, the ‘cocktail’ kick started a chain reaction that has continued for several months now (without any necessary top up) and I am still in the process of writing a daily log of the subsequent changes that are occurring, good or unpleasant at times; As having seemingly increased the Peripheral nerve activity ten fold, promoting what I feel and pray is continual good healing, I am constantly having to vary or revise the L-dopa regime (which is far from an easy task having to deal with L-dopa induced Dyskenesia from time to time).

I am still hoping to find a way forward for more scientific research on BocowoA&B to be undertaken to assist in evaluating the possibilities for Stage 2.


An update for those watching this thread.

Considering all the recovery from Neuropathy losses throughout the body, progress is much slower than I perhaps hoped it would be ; In that I am using the L-dopa medication as a ‘yard stick’ to try and measure the direction & what is going on.

That said Levodopa meds have dropped from the 550 to a daily maximum of 400mg (& as low as 350 without a dose for overnight), with ‘snakey’ Dyskinesia more apparent in Right leg and arm due to previous breaks and surgery, I think; Hence this recent update in my blog, viewing Parkinson’s from a different perspective.

Therapeutic Massage based Physiotherapy helps without a doubt.

Kind regards

Very tenuous this but I am sure I read somewhere about Parkinson’s starting in some people because of a foot injury that failed to heal properly
Anybody else seen or heard this ?
Maybe I dreamed it.
I have some weird ones.

Hi Hubby

Think you maybe still dreaming!!!
Have never ever ever heard this one before.


A long way down but I found it!

Hi Hubby,

I think that quite often the diagnosis for Parkinson’s is finally revealed following an injury or surgical procedure suddenly highlighting its existence.; much in the same way as its appearance may be more slowly revealed as a body ages.

Toxin and or misfolded protein certainly have a role to play and injuries and worn out cells most probably exasperate the ability for the body to dispense with the unwanted matter. This underlines why exercise and therapeutic massage physically and factually help, and together (combined with a healthy diet and clear water) currently provide the best opportunity towards possibly slowing the progression of Parkinson’s down.

Thank you for sharing the link, I will check it out as research progresses…


An interesting read Hubby,

Reading through the lines in the link, perhaps I am doomed; In that I followed Medical advise and currently still require L-dopa based medication.

I was never informed that utilizing such medications would effectively make me permanently reliant upon them for the rest of my life!

And if this is the case; Why was I not informed upon this aspect by the Medical profession or the FDA, prior to being given the first prescription for them?

Perhaps someone here, in Parkinson’s UK research department (Admin) can and will kindly shed more light upon this very important aspect, please?

Thank you.

As you say. Interesting.
I badly injured my foot aged 11 and had a serious ankle operation on the same foot/ankle in my mid 20’s.
Both still give me gip today.

It doesn’t seem possible that this may have caused my problems but who knows?

Hi beauxreflets,

I hope all is well.

Your doctor/ Parkinson’s nurse should have informed you about all aspects of your medication including possible side affects and future dependency. I have passed your comment onto our research team to get their thoughts on this and will revert back to you with more information as soon as possible.

However; as this is a medication issue, you may find it useful to contact our helpline to speak to one of our advisers about this in the interim. Do give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

Take care for now.


Thank you for your reply Reah,

I guess my particular concern hinges upon the question of whether the manmade Dopamine via Levodopa medication is more readily prioritised in ‘take-up’ by the CNS; to effectively override, cancel out any further or future ability to produce natural dopamine naturally.

I look forward to learning more.
Thank you
Kind Regards