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 Is their anyone out their that has been asked to take part in a study, Tracking Parkinson's Researchhave been invited to go on it ,its for patients diagnosed in the last 3 years  the study is designed to improve the understanding of parkinsons disease they wont to study my tremer stiffness  slowness memory bowel bladder  blood pressure  and take blood test every 6 month for 3 years is any one on this study and if so give me any tips   rams


Hello Rams, I'm in!

I've got my third session in three weeks or so. it's an important study because of its large sample size, the range of testing being done, and the fact that we're being looked at over a three-year period. If you haven't, do visit

The study is not invasive (apart from the bloods they take). But i found answering their questionnaires (all pretty standard ones) did make me feel a bit weird: if you get asked questions about your state of mind, I can't help thinking rather morbid thoughts. Always best to go with a gut answer and not dwell  on the questions too much, I find.

I'd recommend it to anyone who can take part.



Thanks Semele for the Web site, I will look at that tonight with the wife :)

I have rung Hospital up and confirmed that I am interested in taking part in the study. My first session in on 14th April, (my birthday) Lucky me !!!

Were you allowed to take someone with you to the hospital ?

Thank you for the advice on filling out the questionnaire :)

 Do you mind me asking, How long you have had Parkinson's for ?