Research study

Post just arrived with an invitation to take part in a research study called 'Understanding the early pathological pathways in PD.
Has anyone else been asked to take part?
My o/h took the sniff test but hasn't heard anything more. He is not a PwP but the research team were looking for those with and without PD
This one is too. there will be 2000 participants with PD and 300 without including some family members.

It is not a drug trial they will just do a clinical exam, blood tests and cognition tests to be repeated every 18 months. (to try to understand cause and progression of the disease
Had the first appointment today, took 1 hour.40minutes. Blood tests and clinical exaam. Cognition tests for example they said five words and I had to remember them 10 minutes later. Think about how many things beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet.Then tests for fine motor skills.Height and weight were recorded.

It was actually very interesting and my OH has been invited to participate as a Non PD participant.

Last time I did a study I had a line put into my arm at the elbow, which meant I couldn't bend it. I had a blood pressure cuff on the other arm.

I was then handed a roasting Klix plastic cup full of molten coffee and an unopenable packet of sandwiches for lunch while I lay in a hospital bed. While I lay there, deciding whether or not this was part of the test, I heard an almighty scream followed by a whole plethora of proverbials. A few moments later I realised the potty mouth was me.

Next thing I know I'm reciting Ode to a Mouse and the epic Tam O'Shanter, and consuming vast quantities of haggis, tatties and neeps. That's right I'm back in the Burns unit.

Quote for the day : "If it's a hit, hit it again."
or was it "If it's not broke, hit it again."?