Research Support Network

Hi everybody,

hope you are all not too bad today. I just wanted to briefly mention a very interesting day I had last week at a Parkinsons UK Research Support Network information day which was held at a hotel near Warrington. The event was well attended, refreshments and a very nice buffet lunch were provided.
There were various speakers who brought us all up to date with the latest medical research without
bamboozling us. The research Support Network is a Parkinsons UK project to get PD suffers, family, carers involved and connected to all the latest Parkinson's research news and opportunities.

Parkinsons UK are very keen to get as many recruits as possible signed up, so if you want to help find a cure or better treatments or just want to keep up to date then this is something practical you can do.
Here's the link......




Hi Dave333,

 Great post and I couldn't agree more with your suggestion that more of us get involved. If you want to make a difference, join   the RSN.


I haven't yet attended any meetings but have have volunteered in two lots of research as a PD person. Anything that may lead to better understanding or new treatments.