Research very lame

Why is there no research in this country in relation to the ketogenic diet and Parkinson’s?
Why is there no research in this country in relation to NEAR Infrared Sauna and the benefits, potential regeneration of brain cells???
I’m very angry that the research areas are either drug-related (Why are people researching statins and their role in the condition?) or very airy-fairy (an app for your phone)???
I’m fed up that Parkinson’s UK is not striking out to get research done which is helpful and meaningful, which gives great hope to us all when it is KNOWN that there are treatments and lifestyles out there which arrest and reverse Parkinson’s Symptoms.
I’m sure this post will not be published.


Most biomedical research ideas are intitiated by researchers , not by funding bodies. If researchers dont apply for funding for a study of, eg. ketogenic diet then no-one studies it. Its not only UK. its the global system.
Only a small percentage of applications get funded. So refereees havea tough job deciding between eg ketogenic diet and other, maybe scientifically ‘sexier’, approaches.

One advantage we PwPs have today compared with 20 years ago is access to the scientific literature. And alternative approaches to PD. We are no longer behoven to one source of medical knowledge. My regime emerged form such reading and turned out reassuringly close to the supplements described in the Wahls Protocol for MS. I am pretty sure that ‘out there’ will be other biomedical professionals with PD who like me are pursuing that regime.
My view is that research aimed at defining and drugging a single target is doomed to failure, but most research is still driven by that model. I base my view on the many pathogenci feedbacks already known, between oxid stress/mitos/ Ca/ synuclein and inflammation. Some of which are induced by dopaminergic therapies. Eventually, I expect, ‘functional medicine’ along the lines of Wahls will be shown to come good for idiopathic PD as it has for her MS. It is without any doubt a science-based protocol. Pity that researchers dont find it sexy.



Seems that research leading to profit from a new pill or device is always going to be more attractive to investors than simple fixes such as dietary advice.

Here’s a study that shows a 41% improvement in non-motor symptoms by following a keto diet -