I be given a lot of money to Parkinson’s over the 8 years I’ve been diagnosed and the more and more I read about all the different researches in to the the disease it makes you wonder if they really want to find a cure. And after reading biotech company affiris. Vaccine.Well now I no they don’t because I for one want to try this now not in another 14 years because if 7 years trial is not good then what does this say for the covid vaccine. Please read it and see if you agree. No doubt people without Parkinson’s will tell me about how it as to go though this and that well

Hi @Ken2468,

Thanks for sharing this information. Given that you haven’t received a response from the community as yet, I just thought it might be helpful if I chimed in here.

Parkinson’s UK are dedicated to accelerating breakthroughs in research to find better treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s. Research has come a long way, and we know more about the condition than ever before. The linked webpage highlights some of our research achievements so far -

We know new treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s can’t come fast enough, which is why our Research Strategy is focused on funding the right research to accelerate vital new therapies. One way we are doing this, is by working with partners across the globe to accelerate the most promising scientific discoveries into new treatments. You can read more here:

Some of the challenges that face Parkinson’s research include the lack of biomarkers, the variability of the condition and the lengthy time it takes to show if a drug might slow Parkinson’s, which can lead to long clinical trials in comparison to other conditions. But these are all things that are changing, researchers are closing in on biomarkers that can accurately monitor the progression of Parkinson’s, we know more about the different subtypes of the condition, we are involving more people with the condition than ever in the development of new trials and supporting tools to make clinical trials more likely to succeed (all work that Parkinson’s UK have funded).

You might also be interested in reading a blog, written by someone with Parkinson’s, which summarises the potential new treatments that are under investigation for Parkinson’s across the world:

I hope you find this information useful.

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