Hi there fellow PD sufferers. I, like most of us, have a problem with constipation. I have a balanced diet etc and have tried a range of laxatives, probiotics etc, and seem too many gastro enterologists who have put tubes up and down my passages, al to no avail.

I have now bee n told of a drug called Reselor, which is the brand name for something called Prucalopride. Most of the research seems to have been carried out on women with oelvic floor problems. It apparently has quite a high risk of side effects.

I had DBS last year and that has had some beneficial impact, but it is currently outwieghed by the stomach pains.

Has anyone in this forum had any experience of Resolor/Prucalopride?

Hi Martinraven,

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Good morning.
My husband uses prucalomide to help with his constipation. It works for about 3 days then he feels “backed up” so then uses linaclotide for a day or two. The prucalomide makes him go once a day but he doesn’t feel empty enough. The linaclotide gives him explosive poos about 4 times a day so does restrict life for us!
Constipation started for him about 6 years before his diagnosis and we used bisacodyl for a long time ( tablets and suppositories). He still takes 2 bisacodyl every night.
I hope you do get some relief