Resting tremor

Hi all can u have a resting tremor without any other symptoms and does a resting tremor always mean Parkinson’s disease or can it be something else?

I only have a resting tremor although the Consultant tells me I have stiffness I do not feel it.
Like you I do sometimes think it is something else but in my heart of hearts know it is not.
If you were to look at the symptoms described by all here it is obvious we may share the PD diagnosis but display a wide and varied set of symptoms.
That said if you have any doubts ask, what will you lose?

Hi ime told resting tremor is in Parkinson’s disease but is resting tremor in any other disease in this world we live in also ive read somewhere Parkinson’s could start in the gut not the brain


There has been a large research project on the gut and its link to PD.
I have had gut problems since I was a child so I am watching this closely.
Goggle it, it makes very interesting reading.

Hi annie i also have had stomach problems with ulcer bursting in my stomach when i was about 25yrs old ive suffered with indigestion all my life

Hi Cal,
I have had irritable bowel and Bile Acid Malabsorbtion for many years which terrible bowel problems!
One of the reasons I am reluctant to try the drugs.
If I come across any research I will let you know, or any clinical trials.

Have a wonderful New Year