Resting tremor

That’s very helpful Sue, thanks a lot!

Hi @oggs. I started on Sinemet plus 25/100 3 times a day and it worked after a few days. After a couple of months i added Half Sinemet CR 25/100 in between as it was wearing off between doses.

Hi oggs i take 1 tablet 3x a day 5hr intervals now ime taking 2 tablets in morning then 1afternoon 1x evening for 2wks we will see how we go this is all new for me thought i would give meds a try for my resting hand tremor also i take meds 30mins before food

Interesting, that’s twice the dose I have been trying, tho’ in my case madopar not sinemet. Does it not make you feel ill at all, even when you started on it?

Good luck with it and let me know how you get on

No, I’ve been very lucky and don’t seem to have any side effects at all.

Hi oggs i had 2 tablets this morning no effect wot so ever i think the dose is too weak this is like being a Guinea pig all i want is tremor to give me some rest for 8-10 hrs a day

No ill effects what so ever but ive notice i go to toilet more often lol

Hi oggs i have spoken to neurologist secretary and have increased my dose to 2 tablets 3x a day i have told her that these tablets dont do anything so waiting to hear from Parkinson’s nurse to go on next step but ime 100%sure ive been misdiagnosed i have no other symptoms at all just tremor between my left elbow to my wrist hand nothing else i dont walk funny my arms swing,nothing

I noticed a resting tremor in my right hand well before I got a diagnosis. Looking back there were other early symptoms but it was the tremor I noticed first.

Hi everyone my meds have changed to sinmet but i get a blinding headache is this normal 2tablets 3x a day

Maybe you just have essential tremor? Much better than Parkinsons!

Hi oggs ive had a dat scan my 1 part of brain slightly not as bright as left side so thats why suspect parkinsism but ime not so sure yes i have a tremor but its changing to more an essential tremor than resting tremor the golden tablets have no effect what so ever my work friends say my hand shakes while ime walking, but not riding or driving

Hi everyone it has been just over 12 months since i was diagnosed with pd i admit i have a resting tremor but nothing else no aching body no walking poorly i swing my arms i have seen my dat scan not completely normal but not dark on 1 side of brain a slight discolouration but ime confused with parkinsons diagnosed like i say i have tremor taking levodopa but does nothing for tremor