Resting tremor

Hi everyone is there anyone on this site that has Parkinson’s disease with resting tremor as only symptoms and what medication is good for resting tremor because ime reading everything i know about my disease and not fully understanding the outcome in real time

Welcome Calv1960. When I was diagnosed in 2005, I found my resting tremor becam worse when under pressure at work. This was treated with Beta Blockers, which worked for 2 years before I needed Parkinson’s specific drugs.

One thing quite a few people forget to do is inform the DVLA. A note of caution though, if you rush to tell them before you have begun to take any drugs or know how they affect you. The DVLA have be known to suspend driving licences for Parkinson’s, while making enquiries with your doctors. There’s a Parkinson’s Driving questioinaire on the DVLA website that gives you insight into what they are concerned about

If you haven’t already been put in touch with your local Parkinson’s Nurse, ask for a referral. I have found mine to be invaluable.

The best treatment by far though is: exercise that gets your heart rate up. But don’t overdo it if taking beta blockers. At least until you know how they affect you.

As your symtoms progress and more medications are discussed, take care to read about and look out for side effects. Parkinson’s has many symptoms and drugs with a corresponding number of side effects.

Take Care

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Hello kendo i have informed the dvla that was done xmas i now have a 3yr medical driving licence, ime trying to find out on here how many people started with resting tremor as this is something ime interested in and Parkinson’s treatment, side effects whats good for 1 person and why

Hello again what beta blockers were u on and was it a resting tremor you had or another type of tremor

Propanalol 40mg twice a day. Helped control my resting tremor. When I move my arms the tremor goes away as expected. I took them for 5 years. For the last 10, I’ve been on more conventional Parkinsons drugs.

I have also benefitted from being one of the 42 on the phase 2 GDNF trial and for the past 18 months Deep Brain Stimulation

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Sorry to trouble you again my resting tremor goes when i fall a sleep so my partner tells me does this happen to you by any chance, also my tremor is between my thumb and my elbow

Mine does go to sleep when the drugs are working and I can finally fall asleep. When the drugs wear off though, the tremor from my elbow to my fingertips is what wakes me. Started on left side only and over 5 years the right arm and legs joined in to a lesser extent.

Another not often talked about impact of a resting tremor is the difficulties it can create in public toilets unless a cubicle is quickly available. Not just in toilets as well. Since it goes when you voluntarily move your arm you develop habits that involve regular normal style movements. This can be exhausting on it’s own.

Hi Calv1960 I’ve had Resting Tremor for the last 10yrs now-my right arm and hand,and sometimes my right leg. I have always taken the same dose of Sinemet Plus and Propanalol. If my tremor starts I often try to put my brain on another course! ie Taking the dog out,going on the pc etc.My final resort is trying to sleep to shut things down. (I think of my brain a bit like a pc-where if there is a default you need to reboot!) I also use Mindfulness and can often stop the tremors. I usually find they last between 20-60mins. My PD has got better rather than worse over the years!

Hi @calv1960,

I’m guessing you’ve already read our information about tremor?

You can always call and speak to a Nurse Adviser on the helpline about symptoms - 0808 800 0303

Tash - Moderation Team

I noticed a resting tremor in my right hand well before I got a diagnosis. Looking back there were other early symptoms but it was the tremor I noticed first.

Hi all i am taking co careldopa 12.5/50 no change what so ever after a week of taking meds so looks like this med is not good for me at this strength wots the next step ? Increase the dose or leave well alone

Hi calv1960
If you’ve just started on medication for Parkinson’s, it can sometimes take a while for you and your clinic to find the dosage and frequency that works for you. Do have a read of the Drug Treatments section of our website, which includes some of the following advice…

Every person with Parkinson’s has a different experience of the condition so your specialist, Parkinson’s nurse or pharmacist will work with you to find the best combination of treatment that is best for you as an individual.

Finding the best drug, dose and timing won’t happen straight away. Your treatment regime will usually need adapting as your Parkinson’s symptoms change over time.

Which medication you take depends on how much your symptoms affect you and other factors such as, your age and your lifestyle. Most people find they tolerate their treatment well and will return to clinic after six to eight weeks to review their response. This is when your specialist or Parkinson’s nurse will increase or decrease the doses, the frequency, or add new drugs until your symptoms are as controlled as possible.

It’s really important not to stop or change your medication without specialist advice, do contact your Parkinson’s clinic if you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, and as Tash mentioned, you can also call and speak to a Nurse Adviser on the helpline about symptoms - 0808 800 0303

Best Wishes,
David - Moderation Team

Hi all, I’m intersted to know if other people find that levadopa helps with tremor. Like calv1960, I’ve found it has no effect, except that it makes me feel ill. My tremor started in the left leg and arm, and has recently spread to right arm also. I’ve tried madopar several times but end up stopping after a week or two as it just makes me feel worse.

Hi oggs my meds dont make me feel ill which i was surprised to be honest may be its because its a low dose what do you take and what strength may be help each other eliminate as we go

Hi @oggs
Welcome to the forum, I am sure people will share their stories with you.

In the meantime our helpline is always here to help you on 0808 800 0303 - they are open Monday - Friday 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 2 pm (closed sunday and bank holidays). Or you can email us on [email protected]. They can advise and also put you in touch with our specialist nurse if appropriate.

Kind regards

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Hi @oggs. I’m on Sinemet which I find makes a massive difference to my tremor. Before I was taking it the tremor was incredibly uncomfortable much of the time but now when the medication is working it’s more or less gone. It has genuinely transformed my life!

Hi singing gardner is yours a resting tremor or another tremor

Hi @calv1960. Yes, it’s a resting tremor. Primarily in my left leg but also my left hand and arm.

Hi calv1960, I’ve been taking the same as you (co-careldopa 12.5/50), starting with one per day, then 2, then 3 per day. Only managed to stay with it for a week at 3 per day, no benefits at all but felt very whoozy. How much were you taking and for how long? cheers

Hi SingingGardener, sounds like it’s working for you. What dose do you take, and how long did it take to start working ? cheers