Resting Tremor

My father is awaiting to have a pd test. The only symptom the doctor could see was a resting tremor, which he has had for years.
If there are no other symptoms but the resting tremor will he probably still be diagnosed with PD?

Also he is worried if this is confirmed he will then lose his driving licence.
Does anyone know if this will be the case?Unfortunately last week he was also diagnosed with prostate cancer, so a lot of stress and anxiety at the moment. Many thanks

Hi @Jackie21
Welcome to the forum . So sorry to hear about the hard time you and your father are going through at the moment.
Parkinson’s disease affects each person differently. Everyone’s symptoms may not be the same. Resting tremor is one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease but all the resting tremors are not because of Parkinson’s as well. Does your father have any other symptoms? Hope he is under a neurologist and all the neurological examinations has been undertaken. If there is copper deposits in the body that can Leads to the resting tremors as well. So the doctor needs to rule out all the possible causes of resting tremors whildt confirming the Parkinson’s disease.
Parkinson’s disease diagnosis won’t cause loosing the licecnce. If your father gets the diagnosis, then he needs to report to licencing authorities immediately other wise there can be fine as it is a legal requirement. As long as your father able to carry on driving as he is doing now , there won’t be any problems.
I could understand you and your family going through tough times at the moment as he had recent diagnosis of cancer prostrate as well. But be positive and fill him with full of positivity. Parkinson’s disease diagnosis is not the end of the world. There is lots of treatments available at the moment. Diet and exercise also plays an important role along side the medications. Waiting for the assessments and then waiting for the results are very hard times but be positive.
I am sure other members of the forum will also give you advice and share their experiences. Hope everything goes well for your dad.
Take care

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Thank you so much for your reply.
Yes it is such a hard time, at the moment awaiting the results of bone scan for the prostate cancer to rule out if that has spread.
We are awaiting an appointment for him to be tested for PD.
My dad has had a tremor for years and nothing else, he doesn’t feel it impacts his life.
If you were around him you would probably not notice it. The only thing he feels and it is hard to explain it is not feeling tired but for example if he is out walking he just feels a weakness in his body, like instead of walking around the block another time he feels he better go home and sit down, but this all started when he started a certain beta blocker medication for his heart a few years ago. I don’t think it is connected but I might be wrong. That feeling he has had for about four years.