Resting Tremor

My mum has had Parkinsons for 20 years. She was diagnosed at age 62, following an initial symptom of a tremor in her little finger.

I am age 52. I now have a resting tremor in my thumb. It usually happens early evening when I rest. I take HRT and Vitamin D. Other than eating lots of exercise and eating vegetables, is there anything else I should be taking? B12 maybe?

With the advances of science, is there any benefit in early intervention at this stage?! Thank you

Hi Havana, I am reading or at least trying to read a lot of studies and papers around Pd associated symptoms and absorption of vitamin supplements, this is a link I came across which may help, take care :smile:

Huge thank you! Very interesting! I am on the case with B12. Anyone else have any scientific advances with Parkinsons to share?’ : ) Want to keep up with the latest news on early interventions! Thank you