Resting tremor

Does resting tremor mean you shake when you are resting your hands on a table for example or that you arent doing an action like brushing your hair? Cos my tremor is most noticeable when im not using my hands but it goes if i rest them on my lap or something. I do still shake when I have a drink or something but maybe not quite as much

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Resting tremor usually means when your hand is not doing anything and is relaxed, my left hand shakes if I'm not paying attention to it so now I tend to hold it to stop it getting away from  me  lol

Ah ok thanks, that sounds like mine, I have it in both hands but the left is worse, I tend to hold my hands like a fist but my thumbs usually still twitch! It has been affecting me when i use them as well though, lately when im eating the food all gets shaken off the fork before i get it to my mouth, so annoying!

Well mine not that bad my left side is most affected but have a slight tremor in my right hand as well now ,

  Think the shake in my right hand is down to the meds as I didn't have it before I started them , now I'm on requip  xl my tremors are almost gone which is good , still have a bit when I'm relaxing but not as bad.

Thats good the meds can help the tremor, thats why I want a diagnosis of some kind so I can find something to hopefully calm the tremor down, it would be lovely to not be as stiff too! 

Argh I need to vent, my tremor is really bad today, I cant do my work cos its making me too clumsy. My fingers and toes have curled up which isnt helping. My head keeps nodding and my arms and legs keep twitching. Im trying not to cry cos im getting so frustrated!

Hi Suzy 

  Sorry your tremor is bad n getting you down , not really much any one can say or do to help you out , 

  Yep it dose help to vent your anger at the symptoms some times though I often find they get ther own back by getting worse :-((. Sometimes think you can't win with it all , I'm back to work now ,only part time in the mornings and allso find it frustrating when I'm clumsy or shakey as even on meds you still do from time to time ,

   Any way sorry I can't be of more help ,

   Live well.  Cc

Thanks CC, this is my first full time job, ive never managed it before but I was determined to cos I dont wanna rely on benefits, its so annoying that by the time I started the job my symptoms had been getting worse and I feel bad all the time when stuff keeps going wrong. I dont know why it got so bad today, I hate not feeling in control of my body. Still getting used to it all being like this I think


             Hello Suzy

                      I was ok this morning felt great, then the breeze dropped and the temperature began to rise I was at the Gym doing well then I shut down , panic I did have a bit of bother this morning before  I went to the gym but I  think it was the climbing temp that did for me, do you feel the same.

                                 May your pain and discomfort leave you in peace and you camels have many calves

                                                     Mad FEDMc MAD

Yeah the heat does seem to make me worse, it especially aggrevates the tremor. Thats great you manage to go to the gym!


I sat by a lake fishing for a couple of hour's yesterday, i sat in the shade of willow tree's, I wanted too get out for a bit just too say i could and still feel some measure of independence, rod's out on rests i could just sit there and while away sometime, I got indication of a bite on my alarms from a fish, got up, and tried too play the fish whilst it travelled under my other line, it then came off.

My body then said that's enough for one day, whether it was the heat or adrenalin kicked in that you get from catching a fish,or a similar activity, I was beat, it was all i could do too pack away my gear and stumble too my car.

I dislike this heat, I used too like it but not now, i feel worse than i did in winter or spring, Roll on autumn it's kinder too me, i think, or i hope.

Yeah its a shame isnt it, I want to have a beach holiday but now Im worried Ill be a trembling wreck! I do enjoy warm weather but its not been good for me. Ill be interested to see how I feel in the winter! Glad you got out for a bit at least =)