Restless Leg Syndrome

Can any other Forum users, sufferers or carers tell me if they have found
a remedy for RLS? My husband suffers badly with this. He is already on Rapinarole.


I am being prescribed GABAPENTIN for this. It hasn't got rid of the problem altogether, but the situation has definitely improved.



My son was advised to take chelated magnesium for restless leg syndrome and it has worked wonders, as it has done for the friend who advised him.It has the added advantage of having no side effects. Kind regards, Butterfly.

hiya ann c,welcome to the forum:smile:ihave rls,im on pregabalin 600mg aday:rolling_eyes:,all ican say bout it it does calm it down alot compared to wot me legs were,but it dunna make it go away im afraid,well not for me anyway ,could be diferent with ur hubby:smile:theres lots of surport on this forum ann ,ihope some one can give u more info which could help u ,hope to see u around x:smile:

Greetings! I'd like to add that I've been on Mirapex (a Parkinson medication) for RLS for five years or more. It worked well until about the last year and now I can only sit so long before I have to stand. The bone on bone, left hip might have a bearing.
Sleeping isn't a problem most of the time...I sleep with a bi-pap and concentrator bleed in and my legs are elevated for the lymphedema in my lower legs.

One of my favorite first cousins in Norway has Parkinson's...he has fought it twenty-five years or so.