Restless legs driving me mad

I am having major issues with RLS which is severely impacting my sleep. I don’t want to go down the medication route so I would really appreciate any constructive advice. Thanking you in advance.

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Hi @boomerang83,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing RLS - many of our members of the community can definitely relate to this. To answer your question, there are some lifestyle and diet changes that you can make that could help. There’s information on this via the Parkinson’s UK website which you can find here:

We also have a great team of advisers via our helpline service that would be more than happy to support you further on this. Do give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

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I suffer restless legs. It drives me mad too, pacing the kitchen floor because the cold floor helps, or getting in a cool bath. I have also tried miracle plus calming crime which gives some relief. If it’s really bad the only thing that helps is a dose of madopar, and daily dose of iron and vitamin c supplements also helps.
Good luck

Thanks for reply. I hear good reports about magnesium and vitamin B complex. Do you find the Madopar helps?

Sorry to hear that your having problems with restless legs, I’ve also suffered from this & it drove me mad.
I was prescribed Pregalin, which I take one dose along with my last dose of Madopar and I haven’t had restless legs since.
I hope this helps

Same here, drove me nuts. Personally I think your just going to have to bite the bullet and take the meds. I take a small dose of Requip XL 2mg and the problem disappears. Yes I know its Ropoinirole and there is bad press about potential side effects but you have to live and putting up with RLS ain’t funny… For me its worth the risk.

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Thanks for advice. How do I go about getting Requlp? Can I get it on prescription? What are the potential side effects? Thanks again

I used to have chronic RLS but now I have been put on 24 hour Rotigotine patches, one first of all and now two as the symptoms got worse over time. I can honestly say the patches worked from day one, and I sleep a lot better now. Hope this will help you, speak to your Parkinson’s Nurse or Neurologist.

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Glad to hear you are getting some relief. Can my GP prescribe the patches for me?

Believe it or not I find a litre of low calorie Tonic Water a day calms my RLS considerably. It’s the quinine apparently.

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Hi banjo. My GP prescribed quinine sulphate. Been taking it for about a week, not really sure how effective it is. From what I have read it’s more for cramps than RLS. Glad the tonic water is working for you.

Recently I have found the use of an (recumbent) exercise bike early evening for a while, can help prevent it - if it doesn’t wake you up too much of course.
I also get it in the mornings lately, in which instance the bike works well.


Just might do the trick. Thanks.

It was suggested to me that RLS might be impacted with lack of Vitamin D so not sure how true this is but I have started to take a multivitamin supplement to see if that helps me.