Restless legs syndrome

I saw my neuro nurse at the hospital last week and was told i may have RLS. Awaiting results of blood test. Can anyone help with what helps ie does tonic water thank you

Hi Ropinirole is very good, low dosage . mine is 0.5mg 1 hour before bed


I’ve suffered vey badly from restless legs over the years. I’ve had Parkinsons 9yrs and I’m still waiting to be allocated a Parkinsons nurse. But what I’ve found helpful is that I take my Sinemet tablets just before I go to bed around 10pm and when I wake and finally have to get up usually about 530am I take my Rasagiline and later at 8am take my Sinemet.

I was told to take both medications together at 8am by the Neurologist, but I’ve been unable to get an appointment for sometime now so I’ve had to juggle my Parkinsons medications.

I suggest that you speak to a professional first but this has helped me. I also try and do a brisk walk at least 30 minutes every. Avoid caffeine drinks before bed and try a warm bath in the evening. Also when your experiencing the problem get up walk about and massage your legs during the episode. Try to avoid naps during the daytime too.
Hope this helps you.

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Tonic Water might help with night cramps but would not help with RLS.

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