Restless legs

Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has been prescribed Gabapentin by their neurologist for feet discomfort and restless legs. I am having terrible problems with my left foot which is constantly numb and it takes out at night. My quality of sleep has greatly diminished. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.


Yes i am prescribed Gabapentin, 2 tablets a night.
I have very similar to what you have described.
I found it helps but by no means for me is it a total cure.
I rarely get over 3-4 hours a sleep each night.

thanks for your reply Nadeem. Have you been prescribed anything to help with sleep? I didn’t think feet numbness was part of PD, I would have said it was more of a circulation problem. I can’t get my left leg to move freely when I am in bed so I am always uncomfortable. I thought the levodopa would help but it doesn’t seem to. Any suggestions?

Yes levodopa should be helping. But like i said seek professional help please. Everybody reacts differently with parkinsons in their own uniquely ŵay in my opinion.

I dont know why one of my posts got deleted ? probably i messed up.
I have nothing prescribed for sleep as of yet, but will ask the question on my next consultation meeting in Mid January.
I dont have numbness, well certainly not the way you have described, so well could be a circulation issue. I suggest contacting your consultant and or seek professional help. I also have severe issues with movement in bed/ chairs etc, particularly on my left side.

Thanks again for your prompt response. I wish you well.

Are you taking Stalevo?
That caused my restless legs,as soon as I stopped so do d my restless legs

A bit controversial perhaps, but tramadol works for me. I have been on one tablet (50 mg) for quite a while. It relaxes my feet and lower legs and smooths out my slow release co-careldopa when it wears off at about 4 am and I wake to have top up sinemet 62.5 mg. I queried gabapentin and if tramadol doesn’t keep working, would try it. You need a GP who is happy to think out of the box. My neurologist doesn’t acknowledge what I say about tramadol!!!