Restless legs

Hi can anyone out there suffer with restless legs in bed at night mine are uncontrollable at night and keeps me awake having to get up around 3 am most days. Does any one take an meditation or methods of controlling It is now getting me down. I am trying to contact my neurologist consultant
but the not very easy and can only get as far as her secretary not able to get any appointments GP says any treatment etc must come through my neurologist.
Am now at my wits end with the discomfort and lack of sleep.

Thanks Davesan.

Hi Davesan, I also have restless legs and use Neupro 2mg, these are patches and the drug they contain is Rotigotine which is a dopamine agonist. So the patches work for me, I sleep well every night 7-8 hours solid. Two things to note though, they can irritate the skin and also dopamine agonists have side effects you should discuss with your neurologist or nurse. Good Luck.

Thanks for the info will follow it up, as for specking to my Neurologist I think she has emigrated or hiding in her office? As by chance my own GP has phoned to day and would like to see me over none related to Parkinson. Just for good measure I need a hip replacement but the waiting is over a year,beeping waiting 18 months already.

Never mind keeps my mind away from PD.

thanks Davesan

Hi Davesan,
I also had restless legs which made going to bed a mild form of torture. Like Dave333 I was started on a Neupro 2mg Rotigotine patch and that has made a big difference. Hope you can try it out soon.

I also have terrible restless legs which can literally keep me up all night together with periodic limb movement. I have rotigotine patches that have just been upped to 4mg.
I must add that I have not been officially diagnosed and am awaiting a Datscan, but that is another story.

My neurologist prescribed me Gabapentin 300 mg at night. They seem to be making a difference. I also have neupro patches but am wary of side effects, so I haven’t tried them yet. Wishing you the best of luck!

I have it quite bad, I have found Magnesium tablets very helpful. They don’t take it away completely but it stops you going mad with it. Good luck

I can only offer 3rd hand suggestion. Following on from the last post, you can buy over the internet something called magnesium lotion which you massage into your legs at night. It helped the person who told me. hth

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I take zopiclone this is a sleeping tablet also Diazipan for legs take one drug then another where does it end :upside_down_face:

300mg Gabapentin at night was suggested by my neurologist. It certainly helps. Best of luck!

Yeah on them ,they can have bad side effects .i was on the top does 4 every 6hrs 3xday there good don’t get me wrong i like the Amitriptyline find that works for me also helps you sleep

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My friend got spray magnesium and that has worked wonders. She doesn’t have PD though!