Restless Legs

Husband suffers amongst many things from restless legs syndrome, which causes hell with his sleep. He has started 2mg Rotigotine patch a couple of months ago and all was very well. In the last few weeks, the restless legs have gone worse, his sleep pattern totally disrupted and top of things he has now chocolate cravings.

I have emailed the neuro and still awaiting reply. If he increases the patch, will the chocolate cravings get worse or go away? I suppose there is only one way to find out. But I hope the cravings will go away as he is starting to put on weight.

Just when you think all is under some sort of control it starts again. grrrr

Hi SwissMiss,

I'm really sorry to read about your husband's restless legs, his disrupted sleeping pattern and his cravings.

You're more than welcome to ring our Helpline on 0808 800 0303 (Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm) if you'd like to discuss these symptoms or your husband's medication with one of our trained advisers.

We have some information about restless legs syndrome here: and also about Rotigotine here:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Ilona (Moderation Team). 


Hi SwissMiss

I suffer with RLS, this would be my advice:

Avoid getting over tired before going to bed

Avoid eating rich food leading up to bed, chocolate/sweets will trigger it for me

Too much alcohol triggers it for me also

Doing the above greatly reduced its frequency for me.



Hi Richard.

thank you for this. it seems the patch is no longer working as it should but the compulsion to eat chocolate (not sweets) has increased 10 fold. Advice from neurologist avoid eating choc if you have to use cadburys highlights and possibly decrease patch! No advice on how to deal with his legs! Have refused this answer and demanding a better resolution!

Hi SwissMiss

When my RLS is bad i find a bath helps.  It maybe the patch gives the compulsion for chocolate as that is a common side effect of that class of drugs.  It maybe worth talking with your GP they can also prescribe alternative drugs also if you have a parkinsons nurse service available to you, i would highly recommend trying that.  In fact i always go to my nurse first, but i am lucky to live in an area where that is available to me

I can empathise with you husband it is very distressing 

thank you Dexon

his PD nurse is really good, but off sick the past 4 weeks due to bad back I found out. He hates his GP, so battling on. He does sleep better if he has a bath, so we keep that up.

Thank you again

Hi I suffer from restless legs horrendously. I usually go to bed about 4.30 or 6.30 am. If I can settle and if I can sleep until 11 or 12 I feel great. If not I spend more time off as I’m so fatigued.
I have patches 3 mg, it’s not working but I’m loathe to increase as I once was on 8mg and I couldn’t stop spending or funny enough eating choc.
I too have put a lot of weight on but it’s definitely medication.
I really think restless legs is one of the worst symptoms because it leads to no sleep. A viscous circle. 1 thing I can recommend is a massage machine off Amazon.
I spend each night lying on fooor with pillows throw etc with legs lying on massager. It def gives some relief. A few folk from my local group have found the same. Good luck and let me know if you find some non fattening choc :grinning::joy::joy: