Restless Legs

husband has suffered with Restless Legs Syndrome for most of this year. Neuro said first to try the rotigotine patches for it, however husband ended up with super strong chocolate cravings! So we asked to be taken off that and been given pregabalin for the RLS. It has increased his appetite and he desperately needs to loose weight, so again not good news. However while I researched RLS I found a little snipet of information, take additional Magnesium which might help. So went to chemist and got some and hey presto, his legs are much improved to the point husband is happy to slow down and stop taking pregabalin after just one week of magnesium tablets! And yes it will be a slow tapering off. Neuro has agreed to previously to stop the pregabalin and take extra amitriptylin.

And on top of if all, it has also helped his constipation, so can not be bad?

the information stated magnesium from 250 to 500 to try it. So please if you do try, start slow and experiment what suits you.

coolI find placing a  soft  pillow between my  knees stops the annoying movement immediately,  It  must  be  some  sort of malfunction of  the system covering movement as  it  often  affects  my  whole  body, its   not  dyskie  as  that  is  a  very unpleasant condition when  my  whole  body  just cant  relax I know im  comfortable but  my  brain  wont accept  the  fact,,, very annoying


husband has it also in his arms, not just his legs, a bit of a misnomer that restless legs bit.