Restorative yoga

Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has tried Restorative yoga. Went to my first class this evening. Not the best time for PD as I was tired and shaky! Was relieved to see it was all done either sitting or lying on mat. No standing poses. Each stretch or pose lasts 3 to 4 minutes and every thing is done slowly. I felt better after. Almost like a physio session. I'll feel it tomorrow tho!

I don't know if it is restorative yoga, but I attend a yoga class once a week, with 4 other PxP.

we do some standing poses, but Clair, our instructor, never pushes us too far and we often use the wall or a chair for support.

the others go to a second class that is , I understand, more chair based.

i enjoy the class, usually feeling a bit better for it, but can feel a bit stiff and achy later in the day.

Hi Mathsman, Not sure if there is one type of Restorative yoga but if you're with other Pd ers it will cater to your needs I'm sure. Unfortunately the class I went to seems to have stopped thru lack of interest. Pity, but I go to another yoga class that challenges me. You certainly feel it the next day.