Retirement age

Hi all

My wife who has Parkinsons since 2000 and has just turned 65 has been told she will go on to state pension from next March. I know its still a while away but she worries about it and needs time to get used to it. At the moment she is on the hige rate of mobility and care of DLA and has a motability car and has income based ESA she also has Housing benefit and council tax benefit. Shes is extremely worried about what she will loose in benefits as I’m only on carers allowance. At the moment we struggle at the best of times to pay all bills so with this just around the corner is scaring her to death.
So the question is can anyone give advice on whats likely going to happen and is there anyone who can talk to us about it ??

Thank you for any advice you may give

If you contact "AgeUK " they will send someone to visit you at home and advise you what other benefits may be available to you and how best you can address your anxieties. They have given excellent advice to me and its all free of charge. Best of Luck. Gerrard