Retirement at 61

I retired from work yesterda,after 23 years, 15 with the big P,i was offerd voluntary redundancy, so as i was really struggeling,
at my job, shifts and driving 23 miles each day, it came at the right time for me.
i find the future a bit daunting but as my symtoms are not too bad i hope to carry on doing a bit of gardening , photography and reading, so is ther life after work??
Hi Keith32
Pleased for you enjoy your garden and take things easy. Time to relax. Best wishes. PB x
hello Keith 32,
There certainly is life after work. I had to "retire" whislt in my early 40's, although I continued to work from home on a consultancy basis. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is definitely not the end of the world.

I wish you all the best
Hi keith32
Enjoy your gardening. Its a great help in getting you to unwind. When you worked, gardening had to be fitted in with everything else - now you do it as and when you are able. I find that each task takes longer than it used to. Answer is to do little and often. You will also find that it helps the stiff muscles giving too many problems
Happy gardening
My husband and myself both opted for early retirement and it's one of the best things we ever did. So great to be able to suit ourselves as to what we're going to do each day. Why work when you don't have to?

I think our signature tune could be The Kinks - "Till the end of the Day"

You and me we're free, we do as we please yeah, from morning, noon, till the end of the day. LOL

Wishing you all the best for your retirement. Make the most of it.

:grin: :grin:
There certainly is life after work Keith32. I took early retirement at 61 and I have never looked back. However, I was fortunate to have been paying into a good, final salary pension scheme to which I had been making additional voluntary contributions. That said, you don't need expensive hobbies to occupy your time. As well as gardening and cooking, which I have always liked, I have taken up water colour painting and doing some voluntary conservation work at my local country park as well as visiting other towns and cities using my bus pass (make sure you apply for one). Above all, don't be a stay-at-home. get out and socialise.

All the best and welcome to the forum