Retreat in N. Yorks

Hi all,

 Just wanted to mention a wonderful place to go, if you ever feel like getting away from it all and spending some time in contemplation or being looked after. It's in Thirsk, North Yorkshire and is called Holy Rood House. Although it is run by a vicar, she does not expect you to be religious or belong to a faith. The staff are so welcoming and kind and the food is fantastic and plentiful. Don't go there if you're on a diet!! The rooms are lovely and the whole house feels like you've walked into a safe, friendly haven. Also the grounds and gardens are huge.

I went on a weekend course there, earlier this year, not knowing anything about the place. I came away feeling rejuvenated and fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience amongst some extraordinary people. I made new friends, who I still keep in contact with.

I can't recommend it's a unique place. Check out their website, Holy Rood House, Thirsk, if you're interested. They have all kinds of events on, or you can just go there to chill.

I shall definitely be going again!